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tonight's adventure in bbq

BBQ tofu, smoked with hickory and applewood:
bbq tofu
After a taste test, it's missing one vital component: soy sauce marinade. We were out so I just went with various seasonings and a little drizzle of olive oil and Worcestershire sauce.

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I lazed about all morning, but finally got into gear and mowed the backyard. We had planned for a 20-mile ride so pt could get ready for Bike The Drive, but she was too tired from all her yardwork. So I fired up the grill, and installed the dartboard while we waited for our tasty treats to smoke.

dartboard installation complete
pt beat me in the first game of 301, with a very nice 3 dart closeout combo. I won the next match of Cricket.

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I realized that I never posted about our day trip to C-U a few weeks ago. Thanks again for everyone who came out to meet us at Black Dog. We had a lovely time. It was great to see you!

Leftovers from our trip to Black Dog Smoke and Ale House. I ate there for lunch (beef brisket sandwich) and then K and I met lots of friends there later for happy hour.

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In case you haven't already heard, the Black Dog Smoke & Ale House will be opening soon in Urbana, replacing Tod & John's.

If you know Mike from the Esquire at all, you'd know that he's a really nice guy, and obviously has the bar experience. I had the pleasure of tasting his bbq twice (a whole box-roasted pig and smoked salmon). He knows his bbq, so I think this is promising.

According to the article, he plans to keep breakfast, but will they keep the wing night? I remember that a lot of Esquire/Mike & Molly's people would be at TnJ's for wings, but I'm sure they'll go there now for the bbq. I hope the current patrons also give it a shot.

Practice for next week

Someone drew a nice illustration for how to cook BBQ ribs on a Weber grill. I have a rack of baby back ribs—purchased from the Thursday Illinois Products Farmers' Market—that I'm trying today, so we'll see how it goes. The guy was nice enough to throw in a bottle of Beckett's bbq sauce, which is probably one of the best balanced sauces I've tasted. I did a dijon mustard and dry rub down late last night, now I just have to buy a couple things for the grill and get to it.

If Triple S has a ribs at the market on Wednesday, I might get a rack and cook them Thursday afternoon. This supposedly takes 4-6 hours so I don't think I could occupy the grill with that on Friday, with all the other stuff we'd need to cook.

Anyway, I'm pretty interested to see how this goes.


Picture this...

I see jimmy and I see...