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viking no.123

viking no.123, originally uploaded by herzensart.

This viking series is cute and awesome.

Camera fix

I was afraid that my trusty Canon S50 (7 yrs old this April!) died today, but was able to fix the dreaded E18 problem with suggested repair tip #3 "Another method is to tap the padded USB cover part on a hard surface, for example, a desk. It sounds so simple, but very often in works." o_0 I did follow up with a healthy dose of repair tip #2, compressed air.

This was the camera I got right before our group trip to New Orleans in April 2003, so I would've been really sad if I didn't fix it.

It's the second half of March

Let The Madness Begin!!!

Community Garden This Year!

Improvements for this year's community garden: extended hours (sunrise to sunset :), on site manure composting, and on site HONEY BEE HIVES to help with pollination!!! I enjoyed all the bumblebees who helped our tomatillo plants thrive last year, so I'm really looking forward to this. It's gonna be so cool!

Are you the ping pong king kong of your basement, or do you know any secret TT pros? Register for the Sangamon Table Tennis Club's Spring tournament and come see if you can grab a share of the prize money on Saturday, April 10th!

happy Pi day!

happy Pi day!, originally uploaded by kidmissile.

Wasn't feeling up to a crust today, so I made veggie shepherd's pies. Beer cheese sauce w/ a chive buttermilk mashed potato top.

We love these individual Corelle crocks with the nice flat round handle. We had a bunch of ingredients left over, so those filled up a regular casserole for a big square Pi(e).

It was rainy and cold all day so this was perfect for dinner. I guess I did something similar 2 years ago. I was also not as industrious as last year!

Lastly, via the pi searcher: the string 03142010 occurs at position 54,079,770 counting from the first digit after the decimal point. The 3. is not counted. The string and surrounding digits:
93024368546625075344 03142010 84901330433799455381

Don't forget about Pi(e) Day tomorrow!

Happy pi day!
Originally uploaded by kidmissile.

And don't forget about daylight savings time. :)

This is my dinner tonight. =d

Thanks to brixton for posting this awesome recipe for beer ice cream. I used Founders Breakfast Stout (a double chocolate coffee oatmeal stout!) as the base. Next batch I'll use O'Fallon's Cherry Chocolate beer, which tastes even more like a dessert beer, so that's exciting. :)

Hurt Locker & A Serious Man

Hurt Locker & A Serious Man: two stressful movies, each in their own way, not recommended for watching right before bed.


Handmade mini arcade cabinets!

These things are awesome, I can't pick which one is my favorite. Spy Hunter might be the best just because of the details on the steering wheel and pedal, but then there's the sit-in Star Wars cabinet. Each one brings back fond arcade memories. Oh to dive down into the Death Star's trenches again...


And for something handmade they're pretty darn cheap. Yeah, the dude just prints the cabinet art on stickers, but there is a bit of artistry that goes into selecting the screens, and it takes a lot of craftsmanship to make the cabinets and joysticks!

Picture this...

I see jimmy and I see...