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Moon and Revanche: recommended

Moon and Revanche: recommended.

I have to finish The Informant and hurry back to the video store.


Being an adult...

Being an adult...
Originally uploaded by kidmissile.

...means you have to find a reliable furnace repair company to diagnose the loud vibrations in your furnace. And then pay them to replace an item like this draft inducer assembly, because repairs of this nature are usually best left to the pros. I'm a DIY kind of guy, but this is just a little beyond my skillset.

These things get a buildup of deposits or rust over time. The rust in particular will permanently imbalance the rotating wheel, which then causes vibrations during operation. The vibrations eventually cause the rubber mounting gaskets to fail, resulting in even louder vibrations.

Being an adult also means you can have cookies and milk for dinner! =d


furnace tip

Just learned this tip from our furnace guy: to help you remember to change your furnace air filter every month, change it when you pay your electric/gas bill.



White Castle Valentine Remnants, originally uploaded by blaseur.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend, whether or not they're celebrating V-day. It's okay to be a little silly, a la WC:

And as a counterpoint to the shmoopie weekend, here's a song I recently rediscovered, a collaboration with the The and Sinead, Kingdom of Rain:

beeeeeep beeeeeeep =\

Hey guys, just about *everyone* has a cell phone these days, right? So could you just call your buddy instead of repeatedly using your car horn as a doorbell?!



hotspot, originally uploaded by kidmissile.

Sleepy laying across one the big register in the guest room. Each of the rooms upstairs has these large old air registers. The first floor has the smaller rectangular modern ones; Sleepy just sits in front of those when the heater fires up. The grating on these old ones is thicker and smoother, so it's comfortable enough for them to lay on. ^_^

squash and rice soup in a squash bowl

I roasted ambercup squash and butternut squash slices (from the neck) to put into a squash/vegetable/rice soup. Cubed the bottom part of the butternut and cooked that in the soup.

My original plan was to scoop out the ambercup flesh and blend it into the soup, but then realized it was a perfect vessel for the soup so I ladled it in. We've made a creamy/cheesy pumpkin soup before, which cooks inside while you bake the pumpkin, but I never thought to do this. I'm glad we're doing it now. :)
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"I fell off my bike last night. HARD. I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. I approached a corner, checked that there wasn't any traffic, and slowly made a right hand turn onto Montrose Ave. It was around 9pm, the weather and roads were fine, and I hadn't even been drinking. Next thing I know, my bicycle is flying out from under me into the middle of the street and i am smashing my hip, shoulder, and head onto the pavement. I hit my head so hard that I BROKE MY HELMET in two places. Friends, strangers, and simply anyone who rides rides a bike: PLEASE wear your helmet. I can't stress enough that no matter how careful you think you are or how well you think you can brace yourself for a fall, freak accidents happen and you could seriously hurt yourself. I don't want to think about the condition of my skull if that helmet was not there to take the blow. I was lucky and was able to walk away from the accident with only bruises and a sore neck...no helmet and I would have been on my way to the emergency room. Really, there's no excuse that I will accept for you not to protect yourself."

9 (the animated movie)



Picture this...

I see jimmy and I see...